About Us

In response to a rapidly ageing population, low birth rate society, HungKuang University has made steady connections with local government and cross various disciplines and universities to create an environment which will promote highest quality childcare and family support, in a warm, stimulating and welcoming environment for the children and parent. Based on the spirit of the school’s motto, “Begin from oneself, extend benevolence to all”, HungKuang continues to expand its educational mission. Moreover, the school also committed to pursuing university social responsibility of promoting sustainable economic, social, educational and environmental development. As such, we set up the centre for development in child care enterprise.

Our Vision:

1、We aim to integrate cross various resources of the university and undertake relevant childcare projects, research from the local government, industries and communities to promote the cooperative co-development childcare and family support centres.

2、Establishment of internship opportunities for students and other activities.

3、Joint research projects, including conference, meeting, seminars and workshops. Also could exchange of information and publications.